Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News and what not...

Ladybug Window Party premiered last night at the Khyber. The overall response was very enthusiastic. Not bad considering we had some equipment trouble and last minute personnel problems. There will be more shows in the near future (and updates here).

American Freakout's inaugural release leni's Radical Party is nearing fruition! I hope to have some great artwork from Ramsey Arnaoot very soon.

The official American Freakout Records website is also in the works and I hope to debut that along with Radical Party.

In the meantime check out my latest mix at my good friend Brendan's blog: The Alchemist Weekly


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I read your makes me feel all warm and tingly inside when i reminisce about the Great American Freakout. and it was more fun actually being there!!

P.S. what's this I hear about about American Freakout apparel? can I getz sum plz?? ; )