Sunday, April 20, 2008

Radical Party Press Release Part I

Hiss, hum, tone, TONE, static sonic boom punch in the face. The Radical Party has entered the race. Leni for prez. Dissolve the government like a dance beat fizzing into digital mind fucks. Bury your face in the American flag and choke on the tears, cover your ears. The Radical Party is LOUD!


And softness, the static from a background television set behind a veil of blue silk.

The robot cries, we forget it’s just a machine. Leni turns knobs like a shattered heart beat whimpering through a Kaos pad. beat. beat. murmur. beat. beaout. beaoudfkft. beaferouafoojafltljfoj. murmur. SHOUUUUUUT! Stand up, Earth. Stand up and break it down. Anarchy. An archy. An arc hy. Rcyhana. Radical party.

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