Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'll try to keep you updated about all things dealing with American Freakout and some of my other projects, as well as random musings and things related to my new home in Philadelphia.

Right now I'm working on the CD release of Leni's first album Radical Party which was recorded last year while I was living in the Netherlands. It was originally intended for a cassette release (don't ask why) and may still make it in that format one day, but for now I am working on homemade CD sleeves for a very limited CD release.

I've also been busy on a series of Mail Art projects. Inspired by my friend Josh, I've decided to follow through on our desire to "redefine junk mail." So far I've been mailing random 'post-junk' to my friends, but anyone interested in joining the mailing list is welcome!

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